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25 Jan

How Do I Set My Freelance Rate?

I know you didn’t come here to be told ‘it depends’. Of course it depends. But this isn’t a question that lends itself to an easy answer. In my comprehensive freelancing course, Rate is the longest module, almost double the length of the next longest. I could (and have) talk for an hour on the..

23 Jan

The Danger of the Jack of All Trades Freelancer

I was once talking with an animator about the film ‘The Life of Pi’. We were discussing the extraordinarily high quality of the CG. “It’s all specialty,” he said, “Putting together a team with specialists who each know how to do one thing extremely well.” I agreed, but lamented the direction the industry was going...

16 Jan

The Only Reasons You Should Ever Work For Free

Being a creative professional pretty much guarantees that at some point you’ll be asked to work for free. You’ll likely also get the ‘do it for the expooooosuuuuureee’ manipulative spiel (side note: I’ve been a creative professional for over a decade and have never gotten a job from exposure of another project, despite many of..

09 Jan

No Creative Freelancer Should Ever Work for Less than $30/hr

Now Hiring: Director of Photography for 10 day project Require 10 years of experience and must own Alexa or better. Total Budget: $40   If you’re in a creative industry, this probably made your blood boil. As hyperbolic as it might be, we can all imagine seeing something similar. Maybe because our industries are so..