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09 Jan

No Creative Freelancer Should Ever Work for Less than $30/hr

Now Hiring: Director of Photography for 10 day project Require 10 years of experience and must own Alexa or better. Total Budget: $40   If you’re in a creative industry, this probably made your blood boil. As hyperbolic as it might be, we can all imagine seeing something similar. Maybe because our industries are so..

19 Dec

5 Things You Should Have In Your Freelance Contract

Nothing in the following article should be considered legal advice I’m not an attorney. I can’t write your contract for you. And if I was an attorney I probably still wouldn’t, because that sounds painfully dull. But I know enough to know that you absolutely need a contract with every client. At the least, it..

12 Dec

What Do I Bill For?

It’s a common question, maybe the most common, right after ‘How Much Should I Charge?’ While there is no firm consensus on exactly what freelancers should bill for, there are generally accepted practices.   Initial Consultation- No If you know a freelancer who charges for initial consultations, you probably know a freelancer who has no clients. It’s..