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How to Ask for a Job Reference
Category: Article
13 Feb

How to Ask for a Job Reference

It should be the easiest part of the job hunting process. It should only happen when both an employer and potential freelancer or employee are serious about working together. But so many people screw up references. They bandy them about to any employer who will open an e-mail or they don’t have them ready when..

06 Feb

To Buy Gear or Not to Buy Gear?

Students and new professionals are perpetually asking what the best gear is to get at any given price point. I hate to through my own industry under the bus (this may be a lie) but film students are very often the worst offenders. Yet almost none of them stop to question whether or not they..

23 Jan

The Danger of the Jack of All Trades Freelancer

I was once talking with an animator about the film ‘The Life of Pi’. We were discussing the extraordinarily high quality of the CG. “It’s all specialty,” he said, “Putting together a team with specialists who each know how to do one thing extremely well.” I agreed, but lamented the direction the industry was going...

16 Jan

The Only Reasons You Should Ever Work For Free

Being a creative professional pretty much guarantees that at some point you’ll be asked to work for free. You’ll likely also get the ‘do it for the expooooosuuuuureee’ manipulative spiel (side note: I’ve been a creative professional for over a decade and have never gotten a job from exposure of another project, despite many of..