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Freelance Rate for Graphic Designers
Category: Questions and Answers
03 May

Freelance Rate for Graphic Designers

How do I set my rate as a freelance graphic designer? I don’t like vagueries. I like to give hard answers. This can be difficult to do with rate because there are so many variables. Still, I find the reason most people don’t want to give hard numbers is that they don’t want to be wrong. I..

12 Apr

How to Start a Freelance Business

How do I Start a Freelance Business? What a coincidence! I have an entire course on this question. It’s almost as if I heard this question a ton and created an educational product that could give a detailed, satisfactory answer. And there is a lot to learn, but for the purposes of this article, I’m..

29 Mar

Freelance Definition

What does it mean to be a freelancer? It might seem existential but we’re talking about the actual meaning of the term ‘freelance’. The definition is pretty straightforward:   Freelance /ˈfrēˌlans/ adjective Synonyms: self-employed, independent contracting, side-hustle Working on a contract, temporary basis. Contracts can be shorter than a single to as long as multiple years. Work..

08 Mar

How to Become a Film Director

But what I really want to do is direct. It’s something we hear so often in the film and TV industry that it’s almost comical. Becoming a director is not easy. It’s one of the most sought after jobs in the world. So how do you become a film director? Directors are often hired not..

20 Feb

How Do I Find Freelance Work?

It’s a question I’m asked constantly- Where do I find freelance work? Putting aside for a moment that freelancers tend to focus on this too much and that I’ve created a course that answers this question in depth, I’ll try to break down the basics.   Really, there are a ton of ways to find..