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Government Compliance
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24 Apr

Government Compliance

The usual disclaimer: I’m not an attorney. This article should not be considered legal advice.   At a federal level, there is nothing you need to do to claim that you are in business. Congratulations! You’re a business. And on a local level becoming compliant is typically easier and more intuitive than people usually assume...

29 Mar

Freelance Definition

What does it mean to be a freelancer? It might seem existential but we’re talking about the actual meaning of the term ‘freelance’. The definition is pretty straightforward:   Freelance /ˈfrēˌlans/ adjective Synonyms: self-employed, independent contracting, side-hustle Working on a contract, temporary basis. Contracts can be shorter than a single to as long as multiple years. Work..

01 Feb

Can I write my own freelance contract?

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney. Nothing in the following article should be considered legal advice.   Technically, yes, you can write your own contract. A contract does not have to be written by an attorney to be legally binding. But the real question, like so many things in life, is should you? And no, you..

19 Dec

5 Things You Should Have In Your Freelance Contract

Nothing in the following article should be considered legal advice I’m not an attorney. I can’t write your contract for you. And if I was an attorney I probably still wouldn’t, because that sounds painfully dull. But I know enough to know that you absolutely need a contract with every client. At the least, it..